At Margin Tonic, it's the breadth of our expertise which sets us apart (even if we say so ourselves.....).  

Our USP is the powerful combination of five core areas of expertise.



We've been delivering change within Collateral before, during and after the 2008 financial crisis.

So we've experienced first-hand the huge transformation that Collateral has gone through in that time, to the point that it has become the critical business function that we see today.

As a result Margin Tonic has genuine end-to-end Collateral Product expertise.



We've worked within Change for a long time. We know how to get things done.

At Margin Tonic we have specialist and versatile Change Management skills, covering all manner of change types, methodologies and tools.

We’re in the privileged position to define and deliver a wide variety of change for our Clients, from strategic target operating models (increasingly important in an ever-changing Collateral landscape) to the definition and delivery of large-scale change programmes, or in-house and Vendor implementations.



Financial firms continue to be hit thick and fast by multiple Regulations, stretching resources, budget and available internal expertise. The need to quickly and effectively deliver a compliant state is clear.

We specialise in leading Clients to Regulatory compliance. Margin Tonic combines a deep business understanding of the rules with our expertise in defining and delivering compliant solutions and business processes.

Recently, Margin Tonic have delivered BCBS-IOSCO Initial Margin to multiple firms across different Phases, putting us in a unique position to help Phase 4 and 5 firms with their compliance plans.

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We've previously partnered with the majority of Vendors in the Collateral space, both established and new.

As industry reliance increases on specialist Vendor solutions to solve complex and Regulatory problems, we're in a great position to help Clients choose and deliver the right solutions for them.



We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry developments and reform, which we achieve via active participation in industry forums and working groups.

Being part of industry conversations allows us to ensure that our Clients' interests are represented and them kept fully updated with the latest market developments, so plans and strategy can be adjusted in line.


The Result

Our expertise across so many streams gives us the versatility to accelerate all Collateral change, whether it’s exploratory, target state definition or delivery-focused.

We do this whilst ensuring that our Clients meet their objectives, including Regulatory compliance, process automation, competitive advantage, or reducing their total cost of ownership.


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