How are we different?

We consider ourselves a Challenger Consultancy, meaning the way we work challenges the Consultancy model deployed by some. We have four core principles which help us deliver the highest service levels for our Clients. 



Transparency and honesty are fundamental. They foster the trust needed on both sides for successful, long-term relationships. But what does this actually mean for us?

Transparency runs through the spine of our business model. 

We make a point of communications being two-way and open throughout each engagement.

We encourage the inclusion of explicit deliverables within our contracts, which we can be regularly measured against to make us accountable.  

We also request regular performance appraisals from our Clients, across specific criteria, which we use to further improve our performance.


The 'Client comes first', a Consulting mantra often used though practised far more loosely.... 

Our Clients are at the centre of everything we do.

We work hard on building a collaborative partnership with our Clients from the start, to ensure that our joint objectives are specific, measurable and realistic. Meeting (and exceeding) those agreed objectives then becomes the focal point of our work.

We'll make certain that any proposals and solutions are aligned with the Client's goals and constraints. And rest assured that we'll only complete work for you if a legitimate business need exists :)


Genuine expertise

We don't need a transitional period at each Client to pick up knowledge before we're productive (a scenario which shouldn't happen, though will be familiar to most). 

Instead you can be sure that we'll arrive with the relevant expertise to hit the ground running from day one. A key way that we can accelerate change for each Client, whilst also shortening the length of each engagement.



Too often we see Consultants extract every last drop of knowledge from in-house Client experts before playing it straight back to them. They do little real 'consulting' or 'leading'.

Each of our Consultants is a Leader, who will use their expertise to drive the Client to its objectives. Each is prepared to challenge the norm to solve problems in the best way possible for our Clients.